Free Drivers Education For Madison High School Students

Supintendent Jennifer Cheatham and Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announce they’re going to expand a program providing free driver’s ed training.

Dane County and private business are footing the bill for driver’s education training that will allow young people to get to work.

County officials are expanding a program to give free drivers education to those who can’t afford it. The pilot program started at two Madison high schools last year — Madison East High School and James Madison Memorial High School. Now, it will be offered at all four high schools.

Speaking at Madison West High School on Monday, Madison Metropolitan School District Superintendant Jennifer Cheatham said those admitted to the Driver’s Education Summer Scholars Program will get lessons in the classroom and behind the wheel.

“As well as trips to the (state Division of Motor Vehicles) to secure to a temporary driving permit and reimbursement of the driver’s license fee,” she said.

The free driver training program is doubling in size. It will include 100 students this summer; 25 at each high school.

The money to pay for driver’s education is a public-private partnership. Dane County will provide $50,000. Another $18,000 comes from M3 insurance, Findorff Construction, United Way of Dane County and MG&E. The county will provide vehicles so young people can practice driving with their temporary license before trying for a permanent one.

Adults from the school district and private business have volunteered to ride with young drivers during this period.

CESA is giving the county a break on price of driver training, reducing it to $400.