Green Bay To Host First Obama/Clinton Campaign Stop

President Barack Obama will campaign with presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Green Bay next week. It will be the first time the president and the former secretary of state will appear together following Obama’s endorsement Thursday.

Details haven’t been released but Clinton’s campaign says it will be on Wednesday in Green Bay. She’ll make stops in Ohio and Pennsylvania earlier in the week.

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay political scientist Scott Furlong said campaigning in the three rust belt states make sense for candidates.

“It’s the areas that continue to poll very closely in terms of Democrats and Republicans and that both parties feel are almost ‘must-wins’ in order to capture the presidency,” he said.

Furlong said northeastern Wisconsin voters often elect members of both parties.

“I like to call it the ‘swing of the swing,’ in many ways,” he said. “This area of the state tends to go back and forth between Republicans and Democrats in terms of the voting population. So that’s where you want to spend your time.”

Green Bay is also the state’s second largest media market.

Furlong said he expects presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump to spend time in northeastern Wisconsin before the election, and for both campaigns to send high profile supporters on the stump as well.