Libertarian Burke Challenges Congressman Sean Duffy

A libertarian from western Wisconsin said that he wants to unseat U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Weston, and make sweeping changes to the nation’s policies.

Robert Burke, who ran for governor two years ago, is a 46-year-old Hudson man with a background in the financial services industry. He has outlined several important changes that he intends to champion should he take Duffy’s seat in Congress.

For instance, Burke said he wants to legalize marijuana and that the War on Drugs is a drag on the economy.

“I’m totally done with the war on drugs,” said Burke. “It’s time to legalize marijuana, and take what is a massive draw on state and federal budgets, put people in prison for a flower, and turn that into an economy that helps to drive more growth and innovation for jobs.” 

Burke said not only is he done with the War on Drugs, but also “done with the wars in the Middle East.”

“The invasion of Iraq in 2003,” he said. “Since then, there’s been an explosion of radical Islam in the Middle East.”

Burke also wants to eliminate the Federal Reserve and return the country to the gold standard.

Three Democrats are also trying to unseat Duffy, who is serving his third term in Congress.