Standoff Over Bowhunting Pits DNR Against Eau Claire

The Department of Natural Resources is calling an Eau Claire urban hunting permit illegal and is withholding a $30,000 stewardship grant until it’s changed.  

The DNR says Eau Claire’s $20 bowhunting permit is illegal because of a law passed in 2013 known as Act 71. Conservation Warden Supervisor Roy Zellmer said the law stops cities from restricting bowhunting within their borders except in special circumstances.

“The Department of Natural Resources views that as an additional regulatory step for a citizen of the state to be able to hunt,” said Zellmer.

As a result the DNR is withholding a $30,000 stewardship grant for lakefront conservation. Despite that, the Eau Claire City Council voted to leave the permit as is. Council President Kerry Kincaid said they’re willing to drop the fee, but she feels the special permit has been good for hunters and citizens.