UW Leaders Look To Offer $12.7M More In Financial Aid

University of Wisconsin System leaders are looking to give students an additional $12.7 million in financial aid over the next biennium.

System leaders plan to ask the Board of Regents on Thursday to request the state Higher Educational Aids Board include the extra money for the Wisconsin Grant-UW program in its 2017-19 budget request.

They note that state funding for the program has stood at $58.3 million since 2010-11 even though the number of students eligible for the grants has grown from 28,132 in 2008-09 to 34,521 in 2014-15, resulting in smaller grants to individual recipients.

The additional money would raise the average award to the 2009-10 level of $2,161.

HEAB officials didn’t immediately respond to a voicemail left at their office.