Walker Says He'll Be In The Room at Future Bucks Arena Talks

Another negotiation session on how to finance a new basketball arena in Milwaukee will held Thursday afternoon, and Gov. Scott Walker said he plans to take part.

At most or all of the recent arena talks, a top Walker aide has been in the room, but apparently not the governor himself. Walker said for better or worse, that’ll change Thursday in Milwaukee.

“We’ve had a number of good meetings in the past, and I think it was important to show just how serious things are that I want to be part of that. Depending on the players, sometimes that can be a benefit and sometimes a challenge,” Walker said said.

Walker said he’s not fixed on a specific dollar amount of state help to build a new arena, but he said Republican legislators want to avoid any tax increase and see a meaningful contribution from Milwaukee County and the city of Milwaukee.

GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said he’s drawing the line at $150 million in state assistance.