Weekly News Roundup: Walker Announces Presidential Bid

Gov. Scott Walker officially launches his presidential campaign at the Waukesha County Expo Center on July 13, 2015.

Walker Announces Bid For 2016 GOP Nomination 

After months of unofficial campaign trips abroad and to early voting states like Iowa, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker made his presidential aspirations official Monday at an event in Waukesha. In his kickoff speech, Walker touted conservative reforms he’s enacted in Wisconsin and promised to “fight and win” for the American people.

Bipartisan Votes Help Bucks Arena Deal Through State Senate

A plan for state financing of a new Milwaukee Bucks basketball arena cleared a major hurdle Wednesday in the state Legislature, passing the state Senate with bipartisan support. Some last-minute changes, including a ticket surcharge, helped win Democratic votes needed for passage. The deal now goes to the state Assembly.

State Supreme Court Rules To Stop John Doe Investigation

In what amounts to a substantial political victory for Gov. Scott Walker, the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s conservative majority ruled Thursday to stop a so-called John Doe investigation that looked at possible illegal coordination between conservative groups and Walker’s 2012 recall campaign. Critics of the ruling say it is a major blow to the state’s campaign finance rules.